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Welcome to JJ SPA

A place filled with energy, relaxation and peace which nature gives.

JJ Spa is restful and healing place in Vancouver area where rains a lot. JJ SPA is the only spa where offers Korean style bath-house and Sauna in BC with offering of Earth room, Charcoal room, Salt room, Saunas, Hot and cold tubs (Jacuzzi), and shower facilities. All rooms are operated with different designated themes and temperatures.
Sauna helps release fatigue, and loosen knotted muscles by just to relax. The hot rooms help with blood circulation, and ideal for chronic fatigue. Also, experienced masseurs and therapists offer different styles of massages, Chinese style meridian massages, and hot-cup-pings. If you are looking for an all-in-one oriental style spa, this is the place. We do our best to serve you with the quality spa experience and for your well-being and healing time.

Only one visit released my chronic fatigue

Chul Hee Kim, Port Moody

A friend of mine introduced JJ SPA PLUS to me. I had sore lower back and legs, and after I had used the spa, they felt better and my chronic fatigue disappeared. While the temperature of the spas in Korea is too hot for me to stay long in, JJ SPA PLUS seems to be made fit to Canadian culture in many aspects including the right temperature, so that 2 nd generation Koreans who are not used to Korean spa culture, can relax and enjoy it.

Korean bath culture is to wonderful

Shawn & Sheila, Coquitlam

We first visited JJ SPA PLUS when its sign drew our attention, and came again with the rest of our family on the weekend. It is very nice to have this kind of Korean-style spa in Vancouver , where it rains a lot. We like it especially because we can enjoy it together with the family. The employees are all very kind; and most of all, it is very clean. We tried the Korean-style skin-scrub and body massage and they were fantastic! We give Korean spa culture two thumps up!!! I am going to come more often with my family.