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    Acupuncture Package - $100 /1 HOUR

    1. Insomnia (Head massage)

    Acupuncture lessens anxiety, stimulates melatonin production, reduce sleep disruption and arousal during the night. Head massage could help regulate the autonomic nervous system, part of the body responsible for our ability to rest and respond to stress. It can feel like someone turning off the switch in your mind and body during the treatment. It is treated by acupuncture and head massages safely, naturally and effectively.

    2. Cosmetic (Face & neck lymph drainage)

    You can expect reduction or erasure of fine lines and the softening of deep wrinkles. It can increase collagen production, improve muscle tone and reduces sagging around the eyes and neck. This treatment also helps eliminate puffiness by eliminating excess fluids, improves facial color, moisturizes the skin by increasing circulation of blood and lymph to the face, and reduces stress evident in the face.

    3. Weight loss (Lymph drainage)

    The Lymph system is responsible for cleansing nearly every cell in our bodies. Manual lymph drainage is designed to assist the function of the lymphatic system with the application of slow, light and repetitive strokes that help move lymph fluid through the system of vessels and nodes. You can expect the effect speeds your metabolism naturally, helping you burn more calories, strengthening your digestive system and controlling your appetite by taking this treatment.

    4. Immunity (Abdominal massage)

    This treatment focuses on channels or energy points that will effectively transport and guide blood and Qi throughout the body. The aim is to achieve balance to protect the body against different types of infections and maintain the optimum function of all organs. Stimulating the body releases more hormones: regulating blood flow, boosting energy and recovery to balance our body to achieve full health.

    5. Pain relief (Acupressure + Acupuncture)

    We are committed to reducing the pain through Acupuncture and Acupressure techniques. The meridian channels of energy can be influenced by needling the acupuncture points and stimulating the acupoint. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture and acupressure results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities and in promoting physical and emotional well-being.

    Acupuncture Service Fees

    Trements (Hours)
    General Acupuncture 1 session
    Acupressure Massage 1 hour
    * Free spa admission
    Acupressure Massage 1.5 hour
    * Free spa admission
    Acu Package 1: Acupuncture+Acupressure Massage 1 hour
    * Free spa admission
    Acu Package 2 : Acupuncture+Acupressure Massage 1.5 hour
    * Free spa admission

    Insurance Coverage
    We accept the private and group insuarance claim under acupuncture. Look into your extended individual health plan of coverage before schduling. Full payment is made at the time of treatment and receipts will be provided for your self-billing.