Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is included in admission?

A. The general admission includes the JJ SPA outfit, 2 hand towels, locker key and the access to all facilities. Free wifi is also available.

Q. What should I bring?

A. We recommend that you bring your own swimsuit for soaking baths in case you don’t want to be naked. Since the hot tubs and steam saunas are separated by gender, you don’t need to worry about being naked. If you do not want to be barefoot, we advised you bring clean socks for the indoor areas. Sandals or flip flops are for the wet areas only. We also sell soap, body wash, scrub mitten, beauty mask, shampoo and conditioner.

Q. Can I get a tour of your facility?

A. We do not provide tours to the public to maintain the privacy, comfort, and safety of our guests. We ask you to explore our website for more information or give us a call or e-mail. We thank you for your understanding.

Q. Can I bring my children to the facility?

A. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the facility without any exception. Children under the age of 11 and seniors over 65 must be accompanied by same gender guardian.

Q. Do you offer group rates?

A. We currently do not offer discounted rates for groups.

Q. What is the dress policy?

A. JJ Spa provides complimentary outfit to all our guests. The purpose of the outfit is to absorb sweat from the saunas. In the hot bath or steam sauna, mostly nudity but swim-suit is your option.

Q. What is the cell phone policy?

A. Cell phone is not allowed in all the bathing areas and inside the saunas. Our guest must keep the cell phone ring to minimum or on silent. Speakerphone usage is prohibited in all areas.

Q. What is the footwear policy?

A. Shoes are not allowed inside the facility. JJ Spa is a barefoot facility. Shoes could be secured inside the locker. Slippers or flip-flops are only allowed in the wet area which has baths and a steam sauna.

Q. What to do if I see other guests being disruptive?

A. We are doing our best to maintain the relaxing environment. We urge you to report it to our staff members or the front desk immediately. Disruptive guest will be given a warning. If the disruptive behavior continues after one warning, the guest will be asked to leave the facility without refund.