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Salt Room

Mineral Salt has natural anion with excellent anti-biotic sterilizing power. It helps increase metabolism and recover the body from fatigue.
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Charcoal Room

In oriental culture, Charcoal is believed to give freshness to your body. It has an outstanding restoration ability to have everything activated.
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Yellow Earth

Yellow earth (yellow soil), called the storage of the sun’s energy, is essential for the growth of living things. It promotes a power of purification and resolution.
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Dry Sauna

Dry Sauna is a place of relaxation and purity of the skin. It has almost no moisture. High temperature helps to sweat impurities.
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Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna is a place of relief and restoration of the body. If you are having a difficulty with sweat discharge, and have very dry skin, Steam Sauna is recommended.
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Ice Room

After staying in the hot rooms, your blood vessels will expand and your pores will be enlarged as well. At this time, if you use the ice room, not only will your dermovascular be contracted and makes your skin enable to stretch, it also protects your skin from dryness.
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JJ Cafe

JJ cafe is reopening soon.
There are two entrances that you can get in both from the outside and inside of the spa.
We are mainly focusing on Italian food such as pasta and risotto.
Drinks, salads, and other foods are served as well.
Take out and delivery is available from Doordash, Foodly, Ubereats, and Skipthedish.
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